Laura McDowell is an award-winning museum professional with over seven years of experience in history collections, exhibits, and archives.During that time, she has managed or cared for collections at a dozen museums and archives in the Midwest and prepared artifacts for over 30 exhibits, half of which she curated or developed.  Her work has been recognized by the National Council on Public History, the Illinois Association of Museums, and the Illinois State Historical Society. 

Laura holds a BA in History and Museum Studies from Michigan State University, an MA in Public History from Loyola University Chicago, and is pursuing a Collections Care Certificate at the Campbell Center for Historic Preservation Studies. She works as the Curator of Collections at Northern Illinois University's Anthropology Museum. 


what's new? 

I am honored to receive the Illinois State Historical Society's 2012 Malkovich Award for a Young Museum Professional, recognizing outstanding achievements by a full-time museum professional under the age of 30. 


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